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Parental Control NetAddictfree


TIME MANAGEMENTLimit the duration of daily or weekly tablet use and Internet access,Setting access times to websites or Apps: Your children can access the Internet for schoolwork. But during this period they can be blocked from access to social networks or IM (Instant messaging sites) preventing distractions. You can limit Facebook to periods you define. You can also block network games. These Apps will only run when allowed.Blocking tablet and Internet access: During the night, the Internet can be completely blocked by Parental control: each child can have their authorised daily schedule for Internet use with an outright ban on any particular time period.
Block downloaded Android Apps: Children can now download a huge range of Android applications. It becomes increasingly difficult to monitor them all. The Android version can block all downloaded apps (already downloaded and those that will be in the future). If this option is selected, only the explicitly permitted Apps can be launched. This authorization can also cover both the duration of use and the allowed time slots. See Getting started with Android parental control
GEOLOCATIONLocate the device: NetAddictMobile allows to know the position of the device thanks to the display of a map in the remote control. The date and time of the measurement of the geolocation is displayed on the map. The position measurements are made every 10 minutes.
Show route: You can track all movements of the device over a period of your choice. The starting and ending points are highlighted as well as the layout of the route on a map.
Enable geolocation: By default, geolocation is disabled. From NetAddictMobile settings on the device or from the remote control, this function can be activated. Viewing the last known position and the layout of the course over a period is available from the remote control.
INTERNET FILTERINGParental Control White List: Your children should also be able to freely access certain educational websites. The White list feature allows you to define sites for which no limitation of time or access will be imposed.
Blacklist: The blacklist of more than one million "adult" sites is automatically updated.Keywords for parental controlNetAddictFree additionally allows you to define your own keywords blacklist.
STATISTICSEmailing of statistics: NetAddictFree can send the usage statistics of the tablet use by your children via email. You can choose the frequency of this statistics: daily, weekly ... You will know the daily computer or tablet and Internet use for each child and which websites and Apps visited by your child through the detailed history over the last 7 days and the breakdown of the websites visited during the last 30 days.Helping you decide whether or not to limit the daily or weekly usage time, or to restrict access to certain websites or programs.
LOCAL OR REMOTE ADMINISTRATIONRemote administration of user accountsIf your children prevent access to their device, or if you are not home to change the settings, NetAddictFree can be remotely administrated: You can monitor and change NetAddictFree settings over the Internet. Even if you need to monitor several computers, each of them with multiple user accounts, everything can be managed a single access point via NetAddictFree website.